J. Black Lives Matter: An Urgent Warning to Christians



Black Lives Matter not really “black” and not about “lives” … based on teachings of Communist Eric Mann … materialistic philosophy which rejects God and religion and espouses violence … BLM embraces LGBTQ teachings against the traditional family … American schools have prepared our students to accept these ideas and reject Christian teaching … reason for attacks on small businesses and police.

Warning to America’s Christians

Christians in America need to know that forces which hate them are moving in at lightning speed. The conditions described in previous chapters have put Christians off their guard. The stage is set for Satan’s storm troopers to make a final, dramatic push, blindsiding God’s people. Christians need to keep informed—and pray, pray, pray!

First of all, Christians (especially black Christians) need to know that below the surface, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is not truly “black.” True, BLM was founded by black women; but they were in turn trained by a white man named Eric Mann. Eric Mann is a Communist whose recommended reading list (the list he uses for training) is topped by writings of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, W.E.B DuBois, and V.I. Lenin. Marx, Engels, and Lenin are white men, and DuBois is of mixed black and European descent. The writings of these men present the basics of the Communist creed. They present sophisticated arguments for organizing a society based on materialism: that is, on the belief that everything in the universe (including you and me, regardless of whether we are black or white) is nothing more than an arrangement of molecules. There is no God in charge. Religion is the “opiate of the people,” as Marx famously said. Blacks and whites alike are of no ultimate value, because they are reduced to masses of molecules.

Second, Christians need to know that Black Lives Matter is not about “lives,” except in the sense that lives are quite expendable in the service of the BLM cause. This comes as a logical consequence of materialism: Since there is no soul and no spirit—only a mass of molecules—life is devalued. Life is even seen as something not really real; it is just a concept we have invented to help us communicate about what we see around us. The claim made in the Bible about Jesus, that “in him was life, and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4), is rendered meaningless.

The low value placed on life by Communism should be apparent from the millions of lives (by most counts, hundreds of millions) sacrificed in Communist purges in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, and elsewhere. Chief among the targets in all these purges have been Christians. And it is already clear that the chief target of the purge planned for America is Christianity, with its promise of eternal life.

It is also clear that the violent methods used in Communist revolutions in those other countries are now being used in America. Rational argument is thrown aside in favor of Molotov cocktails, bricks, smashed windows, looted stores and burned vehicles. Black Christians need to know that they will be no better off than other Christians under this revolution. The true enemy of BLM and the organization’s Communist masters is not the white man, it is not racism: it is Christianity.

Schools have prepared our youth

America’s young people have been well-prepared for the revolution by Satan’s stooges working in our schools. Youth have been taught scientific materialism, and have been taught to dismiss the Bible as unscientific myth. They have been taught to adhere to the LGBTQ platform of inclusiveness of all sexual deviances. Students have been taught to reject the Christian idea of a family as consisting of husband and wife and children, and to replace it with, well, most anything. The rejection of the nuclear family and promotions of LGBTQ interests are all important parts of the BLM platform, as stated clearly on their website.

Why the rejection of Christianity is important to BLM

The Christian views himself as standing before the judgment seat of God first, and man second. To Communists this represents a challenge to the authority of the state, and must be suppressed. In America, however, it has been the strength of a nation. In America, it has historically meant that when enough of its citizens are Christians, then the state has not needed to be the sole enforcer of various kinds of morality (do not steal, do not murder, do not commit adultery, etc.). The Christian’s conscience and the Christian community would enforce these laws to a great extent. This has been historically what has allowed Americans to preserve their freedom: The state did not have to step in to dictate moral order in every person’s life. And the so-called Protestant work ethic has meant that people by and large followed the apostle Paul’s admonition to work with their hands, and if anyone did not work for himself he would not eat.

The end result that is planned for us

Without Christianity, and with the fomenting of rebellion, there will be uncontrolled violence. (Actually we are already seeing it.) People will beg for a totalitarian power to step in to preserve order, to make the streets safe to walk again. They will allow the Communist Party or its proxy to take control and suppress dissent. That is the plan.

Why the violent attacks on small businesses?

The violent mobs inspired by the BLM movement are attacking small businesses and police headquarters. In some cases the small businesses are owned by blacks; in some cases the police are blacks; but these facts are of no consequence to the organizers. What matters is that small businesses represent traditional, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps American freedom and initiative. And the police are the ones protecting the freedom of these businesses. Small businesses represent an opportunity for Americans to thrive without swearing allegiance to the diversity/tolerance code of the LGBTQ people. Small businesses represent the opportunity for Americans to prosper while practicing Christianity “under the radar” of the political correctness police. Therefore small businesses must go.

Big business, on the other hand, is already firmly under the control of the LGBTQ, anti-Christian thought police. Every employee in big business in America must undergo “diversity training” and show allegiance to LGBTQ thinking in order to stay employed. Companies like Google and Facebook are not besieged by angry BLM mobs. In fact, news reports tell us that big tech companies are actually sending money to BLM to help promote the revolution!

Violence is in their creed

Communist documents do not preach change through existing political institutions. They preach change through “conflict”—which to them means violent revolution and a complete sweeping away of the existing system of government. They preach that the Communist Party must control all “means of production,” which means no private ownership of business. They preach atheism, which means they either shut down all places of worship, or they leave a few representative places of worship open so they can pretend to the world that they support human rights. (They will, however, install puppet priests and send spies to such places of worship to maintain thought control.)


What is the Communist (and BLM) motivation for such drastic and violent action? In general, Communists say they are fighting against economic injustice between social classes, and class warfare is necessary to right the injustice. But in the specific case of BLM, the claim is made that the injustice is to a particular race; the problem, they say, is the injustice to black Americans on the part of white Americans.

The difference between class and race is of great importance to American blacks. The Communist creed—which is the BLM creed—says the middle class of a nation must be sacrificed to the cause of economic justice and their assets transferred to the poor “working class.” The BLM may say they stand for blacks against whites, but their Communist ideology is directed against all middle class people, regardless of race. According to one study available on the internet (statista.com/statistics/500290/share-of-us-middle-class-by-race-and-ethnicity), as of 2015 45% of blacks were considered middle class, as compared with a not very different 52% of whites. When the Communist BLM regime takes control and the redistribution of wealth begins, black assets stand to be looted at almost the same rate as whites. American blacks: Take warning!

That summarizes prospects for the economic situation. As for the religious situation, all Christians, whether black or white, will see that the ultimate motivation of BLM is to serve Satan and rid America of the bothersome Christian morality which still raises its head now and then. As long as the name of Jesus is only heard as a curse word, Satan will be delighted.


It is happening now, not tomorrow or the next day.

What can Christians do? Christians can stay informed and make sure others around them are informed. Christians can vote. And Christians can, and must, pray. Pray that the blood of Jesus will hold back the darkness trying to come across our country. Pray for the destruction of Satan’s strongholds: the stronghold of idolatry of science and materialism; the stronghold of infanticide through abortion; the stronghold of sexual immorality in all the flavors of the LGBTQ movement; the stronghold of hatred fomented by BLM and the media.

Pray above all that hearts will be open to the message of Christ’s gospel, and that the Rock which is Christ will not be a stumbling stone on which we fall, but will be a cornerstone upon which we build. And through the darkest clouds give God the praise with thankful hearts, for heartfelt praise is a sacrifice pleasing to him.